50,000 Bees Found in US Home After Toddler Complains She Had ‘Monsters in Her Room’

Over 50,000 bees were found in a US home after a toddler complained that she had “monsters in her room.” Instead of seeing a paranormal entity or a sci-fi creature, the North Carolina toddler in fact saw a bee swarm protecting their beehive in the wall of her room. The winged insects were eventually removed by beekeepers from the home and transferred to a bee sanctuary.

Thousands of Bees Found

50,000 Bees Found in US Home After Toddler Complains She Had 'Monsters in Her Room'
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In the incident involving the discovery of thousands of bees inside the North Carolina home was caught on video and uploaded on TikTok by the toddler’s mother, Ashley Massis Class. Based on recent reports, Class knew about the ‘terrifying discovery’ after her daughter told her there were monsters in her room. As it turned out, the buzzing noise came from the hive in the room’s walls.

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Local reporting in late April said the toddler told Class that she heard the noise in the walls, which had been infested by bees for months that also affected the attic of the 100-year-old farmhouse. Class and her husband initially thought their daughter was suffering from regression since they had a new baby. However, they realized the bee swarm after noticing a few bees coming from the attic.

The couple hired a pest control company and beekeepers removed tens of thousands of bees from the wall, along with a honeycomb that weighed more than 100 pounds.

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Bee Attack Incidents

This is not the first time that bees were found inside a house or an establishment, as these sites are also potential grounds for the pollinators to establish their hive, along with their queen. Although beehives are typically found outdoors, they can make an enclosed space as their home, where they work around the clock to protect their colony.

In 2022, a bee swarm attacked a UK police station and transformed it into their hive. In 2023, a Kentucky man died at his home following an attack by a swarm of bees that came out from a bag in his porch. Also last year in the US, an aggressive bee swarm attacked a California man and a dog, which suffered from hundreds of stings and needed to be taken to an animal hospital.

What are the Enemies of Bees?

While human deaths have been reported from bee attacks before, experts still assert these encounters are still uncommon. In previous cases, bees do not actively hunt for humans but are still dangerous when their hives are disturbed. In fact, it is the other way around, since human activities generally pose a threat to bee populations, along with other predators.

According to a 2017 research, the major bee predators include the following animals, including other insects and mammals:

  •  Ants
  •  Birds
  •  Wax moths
  •  Wasps
  •  Hive beetles
  •  Mites
  •  Mice

The predators can either kill the bees themselves or destroy their hives, leading to the reduction of colony productivity among the bees, according to the research.

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