ArkLaTex Weather Forecast: Very Large Hail, Damaging Winds Likely to Bring Power Outages, Road Dangers

ArkLaTex region can potentially expect very large hail and damaging winds this week, according to a weather report by the National Weather Service (NWS).

Americans with travel plans should consider the weather outlook in parts of the U.S. due to potential weather threats. Severe thunderstorms can likely lead to a slower commute or power outages.

The beginning of May brought significant weather concerns in the southern and central U.S., with a risk of flooding, rainfall, and isolated tornadoes.

When the outlook becomes challenging, homeowners should limit any unnecessary outdoor plans. Staying updated with the latest reports can reduce potential weather risks.

Weather Outlook in ArkLaTex Region

Zoom Earth Satellite via NOAA - NESDIS
Zoom Earth Satellite via NOAA – NESDIS. The latest weather report warns of very large hail and damaging winds in ArkLaTex region. People with travel plans should consider the weather before traveling this week. (Photo : Zoom Earth Satellite via NOAA – NESDIS)

An NWS forecast monitors the development of a weather pattern in parts of Mississippi and Tennessee Valleys. Residents can expect possible thunderstorms and strong winds.

Central Texas and the ArkLaTex region can also anticipate hail conditions and damaging winds. Flash flood risks can unload in central Georgia and eastern Texas.

Travelers should keep updated with tornado advisories in the region. When tornadoes emerge, it is important to look for safer areas until the weather improves.

NWS Austin/ San Antonio reports that a severe weather forecast is likely. The forecast monitors potential scattered strong to severe storms this week, including a cold front. The weather outlook could improve next week.

In Little Rock, severe thunderstorm warnings are present in parts of Arkansas. Challenging weather conditions can spread over Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama. Additionally, flash floods have the potential to hit central Tennessee.

Weather Outlook in the Pacific Northwest

On the other hand, the Pacific Northwest can expect long-duration and heavy precipitation this week, including in Rockies.

NWS is also monitoring the development of an upper-low. Potential heavy snow is likely in the higher elevated areas. Commuters should also be alerted for a chance of moderate rainfall.

In the Rockies, homeowners can anticipate below-average temperatures this week. The weather outlook could change by Friday with a warmer trend.

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Hail and Damaging Winds Preparedness in the U.S.

Hail conditions can bring dangerous weather to homeowners and motorists, and strong winds can likely damage power lines and trees.

In the ArkaLaTex region, people should limit unnecessary travel or wait until the forecast improves. Thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes can also occur.

NOAA warns that strong hail can potentially damage houses and windows. Additionally, motorists can encounter dangerous commutes.

People should consider covering their vehicles inside a garage to avoid possible hail damage. Additionally, securing windows and looking for secure areas are important weather precautions.

After a hailstorm, it is best to check homes or roofing for damages.

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