Cat Dreams Are ‘Real’ But Can We Determine What They Are?

Cat dreams are perceived by experts to be just like humans and other animals. However, the inquiry of what do cats dream about remain a mystery for scientists and even laymen until now. The idea that cat dreams are also “real” is based on observations of their rapid eye movement, also called REM sleep. Theories suggest that our feline pets’ dreams reflect their daily lives and activities.

From favorite toys to their tasty snacks and beloved owners, these are some of the apparent things that cats dream of, according to research. This hypothesis is also based on something that are familiar to us; human dreams, which is easier to study and interpret compared to animal dreams. This is because animals are evidently unable to vocalize, describe, or narrate their dreams to us.


Why Do We Dream?

Cat Dreams Are 'Real' But Can We Determine What They Are?
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Dreams pertain to visual images and auditory sensations that we experience after we close our eyes and dose off. This dream state occurs at different stages of REM, as scientists have observed in the past. According to the organization Sleep Foundation, dreams are common during intense REM sleep when brain activity increases, adding that we still do not know why we dream.

The cause and biological mechanism of a dream during sleep have baffled psychologists and other experts for decades. This means that scientists are still uncertain as to why and how humans dream, even if we can recall some of them. One of the main reasons behind this challenge is that the state of dreaming is subjective, abstract, and intangible for scientific examination and testing.

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What Do Cats Dream About?

Apart from our own dreams, cat dreams have captivated pet enthusiasts and even the scientific community. From sleeping 12 to 18 hours daily, which is even longer than the average human sleep, cats are adept when it comes to very long naps. This habit is in addition to eating and asking belly rubs, which cats are mostly known for. However, the question arises of what do cats dream about?

According to Dr. Deirdre Barret, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, there is no reason to think that animals are different when it comes to dreams. After all, human dreams consist of the same things that we are interested, Barret adds. For cats, our furry companions also likely dream of their human owners too, potentially when it comes to getting more food from us.

In addition, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, a professor at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, assert that “cats definitely dream” since they also exhibit all the behavioral and physiological features of dreaming while sleeping in humans, according to a report back in 2018.

The same case of cat dreams also applies for dogs, which also potentially dream about their humans and daily experiences, mainly due to their attachment to us, experts say.

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