Dog Behavior Can Now be Predicted by New AI Algorithm: UK and US Scientists Say

Dog behavior is a subject matter often debated among animal behaviorists and other concerned experts in the field, especially in the aspect of why some pet dogs are more aggressive than others. The same contestation goes for some pet owners and dog enthusiasts. One of the central premises behind this debate is that domesticated dog or canine behavior is determined by their breed, upbringing, and environment.

Previous research in recent years indicates that a dog’s breed alone does not determine its aggressiveness. However, current statistics show otherwise that certain household dog breeds are consistently involved in harmful or deadly attacks on humans, even on other pets and animals. These attacks involving bites and mauling often result in injury and sometimes death. With this, efforts have been made to predict canine behavior.

Now, a new study led by scientists from the United States and the United Kingdom reported that a new artificial intelligence (AI) system or AI algorithm can analyze and predict dog behavior with 99% accuracy. This means that computer- or machine-based algorithms can determine the basic personality type of man’s best friend. These predictions can help not only aspiring dog owners but also police forces in selecting their dogs.

AI Algorithm Predicts Dog Behavior

Dog Behavior Can Now be Predicted by New AI Algorithm: UK and US Scientists Say
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Computer scientists from the University of East London and the University of Pennsylvania published their findings on the dog behavior-predicting AI algorithm in the journal Scientific Reports on January 29. In the study, the UK and US researchers changed their approach when it comes to predicting personality types in dogs, instead, by using artificial intelligence.

The new research paper’s objective is not only to predict canine behavior but ultimately to determine canine personality and behavioral characteristics. This is due to the fact that these factors have a significant influence on relationships between domestic dogs and humans, as well as crucial when selecting dogs for specific working roles, according to the authors of the study.

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C-BARQ Technology

The new AI algorithm highlighted in the research paper is based on the groundbreaking technology called “C-BARQ” which uses machine learning algorithms that classify dogs into one out of five personality categories. The basis for the prediction is based on the dog’s responses to daily situations. In humans, this is comparable to the widely known Myer-Briggs personality test.

Based on the C-BARQ technology and AI algorithms, below are some of the potential personality types that each dog can have:

  •  Excitable and hyperattached
  •  Anxious and fearful
  •  Aloof and predatory
  •  Reactive and assertive
  •  Calm and agreeable

In other research, experts believe that dog aggression can originate from behavioral and health problems, including failure to meet basic needs such as access to food and water, as cited by the US Government agency National Institutes of Health (NIH). This entails that a domestic dog can potentially resort to violence if its welfare is not properly provided.

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