Florida Panhandle Weather Forecast: Scattered Rain, Thunderstorms To Bring Slower Commutes

Florida Panhandle can expect challenging weather conditions that can bring scattered rain and thunderstorms, according to a National Weather Service (NWS) advisory.

Motorists should watch out for flooded roads due to the rounds of rain. Homeowners should anticipate slippery roads and foggy conditions. People should watch out for changes in the weather conditions before traveling.

Meanwhile, the NWS New Orleans reported a possible rainfall in the early week, affecting the driving conditions. The NWS New York advisory showed that sunny conditions could emerge in the city with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s.

The NWS Chicago revealed that windy, warm, and dry conditions, with increasing the risk brush fires. Homeowners should stay alert for spreading fire and dangerous situations. People should be extra cautious in using smoking materials to avoid any fire concerns.

Weather Conditions in Florida Panhandle: How Can Homeowners Stay Prepare?

Zoom Earth Satellite via NESDIS Hurricane Tracker
(Photo : Zoom Earth Satellite via NESDIS Hurricane Tracker)
Zoom Earth Satellite via NESDIS Hurricane Tracker. Florida Pahandle can expect potential scattered rain and thunderstorms this week. Homeowners should check for small to severe flooding.

The NWS Short Range Public Discussion reported that a potential winter storm could impact portions of Sierra Nevada on Monday. On the other hand, another coastal storm could bring rain to the Mid-Atlantic on Monday.

In the Florida Panhandle, homeowners should watch out for scattered rain and thunderstorms in the early week. The NWS Tampa Bay reported that a special weather statement was issued in the following areas:

  • Polk County
  • Connerton
  • Masaryktown
  • Garden Grove

The advisory showed that potential morning storms could unload rain. The forecast shows that the chance of becoming a severe storm is low. Meanwhile, the forecast showed that a moderate to locally heavy snowfall could unfold. A challenging weather outlook could emerge from eastern Montana to Western Dakota and northern Minnesota.

In the Gulf, residents can expect increasing rain showers and thunderstorms on Monday. Wet weather outlook can spread over Central Gulf Coast and Lower Mississippi Valley this week. The forecast warned of flash flooding and severe thunderstorms, with potentially damaging winds and hail.

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Weather in Other Portions of the US: Widespread Spring-Like Temperatures

The NWS Forecast reported that widespread above-average temperatures are expected in the eastern and central US this early week. High temperatures can unfold in the Lower and Middle Missouri Valley and Upper Great Lakes.

In addition, the Interior Northeast, Lower Great Lakes and Ohio Valley can expect warmer temperatures on Monday. With the hotter weather outlook, homeowners should watch out for possible critical fire risk.

On the East Coast, homeowners should stay alert for high temperatures reaching 40s and 50s in New England. In the Mid-Atlantic, people should check for 30s and 40s in the Pacific Northwest and Interior West.

In northern and central California, the temperatures could reach the 50s and 60s in southern California.

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