NWS Weather Forecast: Above-Normal Temperatures to Continue in Midwest, Northern to Central Plains

Above-normal temperatures are likely in the Midwest, Central Plains, and Northern Plains this week, according to a forecast at the National Weather Service (NWS). The weather is expected to ease the colder outlook in the region.

NWS monitors the development of a winter storm in the Canadian Maritimes, bringing hazardous travel, gusty winds, and heavy high-elevation snow in the Northeast states. The forecast advisory reveals that another front can spread.

Meanwhile, dry and gusty winds can unfold in the Central Plains, with a potential critical fire on Monday. People traveling this week can expect favorable weather conditions due to the warming trend.

NWS Sioux Falls reports rising temperatures can emerge in the region, with potential wildfires. People should be extra careful to avoid fire concerns. However, homeowners should check the weather forecasts to avoid weather dangers.

NWS Weather Forecast: Where Will Warm Conditions Unfold?

Zoom Satellite via NOAA NESDIS
Zoom Satellite via NOAA NESDIS
(Photo : Zoom Satellite via NOAA NESDIS). Above-average temperatures can be likely in the Midwest, Northern Plains and Central Plains, planning to ease the colder conditions in the region.

The NWS weather advisory monitors the development of below-normal temperatures in the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Coast regions. Warmer air can emerge in portions of the Plains, Gulf of Mexico, and Midwest.

In addition, above-normal temperatures are expected in the central and northern plains. High temperatures are expected in the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes. Homeowners should anticipate favorable travel conditions due to the warmer outlook in the Midwest.

Meanwhile, a warmer outlook can emerge in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, with 30 to 40 degrees above normal in the early week. However, homeowners should watch out for high temperatures, causing potential heat-related health concerns like heat stress and heat stroke.

On the other hand, very warm temperatures can continue in the central and southern High Plains. The Storm Prediction Center warns of an increased risk of wildfire in the region, particularly in Texas and Oklahoma.

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Pacific Northwest Weather Forecast This Week

According to forecasts, the advisory reveals multiple low-pressure systems in the Pacific Northwest, bringing possible precipitation in the northern Rockies.

Meanwhile, locally moderate to heavy rain can unload in the Cascades, northern Sierra, Teton ranges, Sawtooth, Bitterroot, and northern Rockies. People should stay alert for snowy outlooks, including in Washington Cascades.

Motorists should be extra careful with challenging commutes this week, with slippery commutes and foggy conditions. When travel is not essential, homeowners should check limited outdoor plans due to potential travel hazards.

On the other hand, NWS Binghamton reports snow squall threats, bringing short-lived moderate to heavy snowfall bursts. Motorists should stay alert for a quick reduction of visibility and whiteout conditions with strong cold fronts.

In addition, motorists should expect rapidly deteriorating commutes, with icy and slick travel. Potential flash freeze can emerge, bringing chain-reaction accidents and treacherous travel.

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