NWS Weather Forecast: Widespread Above-Average Temperatures to Unfold in Eastern US

Eastern US can expect the much-waited widespread warmth this week, according to a National Weather Service (NWS) advisory. Homeowners can expect relief from a colder outlook.

According to NWS Public Discussion, the weather forecast showed that the Northeast could anticipate from sunny to rainy outlook on Tuesday and late next week. In the Plains and Midwest, homeowners should expect spring-like temperatures.

In Boston, the NWS advisory reported that a cloudy outlook could emerge this early week. Temperatures are expected to increase, but eventually return to a colder outlook.

Meanwhile, the forecast in New York showed that sunny conditions could unfold in the City with scattered clouds. Temperatures can range from the upper 50s to low 60s.

However, the Gulf of Mexico could experience a wetter outlook by this week. A potential heavy rainfall threat could occur in the central Gulf Coast states by Tuesday evening. In Florida, a possible thunderstorm could bring significant risk to the region.

Weather Conditions in Eastern US: Where Will Warmer Outlook Unfold?

New York
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New York.  widespread above-average temperatures could emerge in the eastern US this week. In New York, homeowners can expect cloudy and sunny outlook, with a chance of rain in the late week.

The NWS revealed that widespread rainfall could unload on Tuesday. The forecast monitors the development of another coastal low-pressure system that could impact the Mid-Atlantic. The chance of rain can spread over the New England on Tuesday.

In addition, homeowners should stay alert for widespread above-average temperatures in the central and eastern US on Monday. Warmer temperatures are expected in the Missouri Valley, Lower Great Lakes, interior Northwest and lower Great Lakes.

In the High Plains, dry conditions and record highs could emerge. With the dry conditions and strong winds, homeowners should stay alert for fire and wildfire concerns.

In Kansas City, a Red Flag Warning was issued on Monday. A breezy and warm outlook will become more noticeable with higher humidity. In the afternoon, isolated thunderstorms could threaten, bringing rain showers.

Meanwhile, NWS Pittsburgh reported that potential record-high temperatures could unload in the city this early week. The challenging heat could also lead to dangerous fires.

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Threats of Dangerous Blizzards in Sierra Nevada

Western US can likely experience poor weather conditions this week due to potential winter storms. The latest forecast warned of a possible blizzard threat to Sierra Nevada, causing power outages and travel hazards.

People traveling this week should check for blizzard risks, or reschedule any travel plans to avoid potential dangers. On Monday, the dry conditions are forecast in the following areas:

  • Cedar City
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Phoenix
  • Grand Junction

Meanwhile, the NWS forecast added that wet conditions or locally heavy mountain snows could occur in the northern Rockies on Tuesday. In the Pacific Northwest, residents should watch out for thunderstorms and heavy rains.

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