Top Mindblowing Animal Stories of Nature World News 2023

Animal stories, ranging from cute pets to wild animals, have always been an interesting subject. Whether it is a viral video or a new study, there is something special about animals that has captured the attention of both scientists and laymen alike.

In this special article, Nature World News looks back to some of its top mind-blowing animal stories of 2023.

From shark attacks to violent baboons, rampaging killer whales, and discoveries of new species, NWN 2023 consists of highlights of bizarre and trending animals. These creatures either broke the internet or shocked us since some of their appearance seem to be out of this world.

Below are some of the top NWN animal stories since January this year.

What Makes a Top Animal Story?

NWN Animal Stories

(Photo : Photo by Marcelo Cidrack on Unsplash)

What makes an animal story to be on the top, is it based on how popular it is online or the uniqueness of its content? Regardless, it is for all of us to decide as there are no specific criteria for a story to stand out other than its impact and message to the reader.

With this, we have compiled the top bizarre animal stories of NWN 2023, a year that saw strange animal behaviors, unusual encounters between humans and wild animals, and animal mysteries unraveled by scientists.

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Animal Stories of NWN 2023

The year kicked off with multiple animal stories not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world, which were covered by NWN.

In January, the first fatal shark attack of 2023 occurred when a great white shark made a diver its buffet in the waters off Mexico, as reportedly confirmed by a fisherman who was present in the area at that time. The shark decapitated the male diver while he was searching for mollusks.

In February, a gruesome incident occurred in the US when a giant alligator attacked and killed an 85-year-old Florida woman while walking her dog. The 10-foot gator dragged the woman from the ground and into a nearby retention pond. The reptile initially struck the victim’s dog, which she defended and saved.

In August, a viral video stormed the internet when it showed that 50 baboons attacked a leopard in South Africa, a case of predator-turned prey.

In October, reports emerged of an alarming bed bug infestation in Paris, after cases spread to public transportation and restaurants. Similar “bed bug resurgence” incidents have been reported in other parts of the world, including South Korea and Hong Kong.

In November, the US government reported that millions of wild pigs or “super pigs” from Canada have already entered dozens of states across the country, with more of the wild feral pigs on their way to cross the border.

Earlier in December, scientists reported the discovery of a 72-million-year-old fossil of a “sea monster” in southwestern Japan. The fossil belongs to a now-extinct mosasaur, with a dorsal fin like a shark.

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