Weather Front to Bring Rain, Thunderstorms Across Eastern US, Fire Weather Threatens Texas [NWS]

A cold front is expected to bring rain showers and a few thunderstorms as it crosses the Eastern United States from Thursday to Friday, February 22 to February 23. According to a recent US weather forecast by the National Weather Service (NWS), the late week weather front will also likely bring snow showers and mixed precipitation in the Northeast US. The looming weather system from Canada is anticipated to impact the US region until this weekend.

Meanwhile, the weather service is also monitoring elevated fire weather conditions threatening Texas, where dry and windy conditions are occurring in the southern part of the state and across the greater Big Bend region. These conditions entail that there is a relatively high risk of wildfire ignition and spread. In previous related events, critical fire weather has contributed to the eruption of wildland fires across the Southwest and South US.

Cold Front Looms Over Eastern US

Weather Front to Bring Rain, Thunderstorms Across Eastern US, Fire Weather Threatens Texas [NWS]
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Mixed precipitation and thunderstorms are possible to occur across the Ohio Valley and the Mid-South regions starting Thursday ahead of the approaching cold front, according to the NWS’ Weather Prediction Center (WPC). The hotspot areas for rainfall are expected roughly from northern Kentucky to western Pennsylvania.

In its short-range forecast issued at 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, the WPC projects that the weather will improve. This is likely to happen by late Friday for the East Coast, since the lingering weather front is expected to navigate offshore. During this period, there is a chance for regional travel disruption and power outages caused by heavy rain, strong winds, and thunderstorms. The forecast did not mention the risk for isolated tornadoes.

The NWS forecast, which is valid until Saturday, February 24, comes as the end of the country’s 2023-2024 winter season is drawing near. Since December 2023, several regions across the Contiguous US have experience a combination of powerful winter storms, severe storms, and atmospheric river-driven flooding rain. Previous forecasts by US meteorologists show that the upcoming 2024 US spring season will arrive at least by late February or early March.

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What is Weather Front?

A weather front pertains to a boundary between two air masses comparable to a “frontline in a battle.” The weather phenomenon occurs when warm air represents one side and the other side contains cold air, according to the United Kingdom’s Met Office. Across the front, there is an interaction between warm and cool air masses, causing variations in temperatures and even precipitations.

Although weather fronts are not as organized as weather systems such as hurricanes, they can still cause disruptive, life-threatening precipitation and extreme temperatures accompanied by rain or snow. In January 2024, a cold front brought subzero temperatures across the US, where millions of Americans experienced dangerous wind chills and heavy snow.

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